Into the Future

The most widely accepted wisdom is the one that espouses living in the now, appreciating our present. I subscribe to that passionately and even as I write this I am aware of the gentle sound of the fan spinning over my head, water running from the tap, and pungent wafts of durian in the air. The moment to moment bliss.

And yet living in the present does not mean careless abandonment, or a ‘que, sera sera’ attitude. Being fully present in the moment, to me, also means that I cherish the present so much, I honor this gift by making choices that I would, say in a year’s time, look back and be glad about.

I embrace the present, knowing that it is powerful because what I do in it determines what I would be and have in the future.

I will make the right choices now because one day I will look back and be glad that I did. I will…

1. Exercise and take care of my health
2. Choose my words
3. Spend and invest my money wisely
4. Reach out and invest in people that matter
5. Run after my dreams with abandonment and ask for the right things from the right people

I don’t see how I can one day look back and not be glad that I did all this 😊

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