Body – not in the usual sense

Let’s look at the ways this word is used that have nothing to do with arms, legs, torso, cellulite, body image, eating disorders, unrealistic press portrayals and what not:

1. The body of the essay is where the writer must keep the reader engaged and reading till the end.

2. I love wines that are full of body.

3. I am part of the Body of Christ, but sadly so many other members just annoy me no end.

Oops, I can only think of these three. Please do add in the Comments section if you can think
more examples. And to my American fellow bloggers/readers, Happy 4th of July!

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20 thoughts on “Body – not in the usual sense

    • Haha, here’s a toast to SoCS! Loving this and the wonderful talented community on WordPress, I’ve never felt this inspired to write πŸ˜€ I will be in New Zealand next Saturday… and it seems the hotel I booked has limited WiFi, but if I manage to get connected I will join the next one.


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  2. When I think body I think of the ability to feel both pain and pleasure, physically and emotionally. Whether or not these things are caused by the body they are reflected and expressed through it. Sort of a parallel with what summerstommy said, it is how we interact and express ourselves to one another.

    Body.Nothing else could make the physical feel so relevant.


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