Agilent Technologies and Monash University Malaysia Open Joint Laboratory for Life Science Research

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-New Integrative Biology Laboratory will advance Malaysia’s role as a global hub for integrative research addressing specific biological issues including dengue fever, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia /PRNewswire/ — Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Monash University Malaysia today announced the opening of a joint research and training laboratory focused on proteomics, metabolomics and multi-omics research in life sciences. The Integrative Biology Laboratory (IBL) will combine Monash’s research excellence in protein research, notably in diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and dengue fever, with Agilent’s breakthrough iFunnel technology. This collaboration is expected to help scientists increase lab productivity, ultimately advancing Malaysia’s role as a center of excellence for life science research.

From fourth left: Professor Iekhsan Othman, Monash University Malaysia Deputy Head of School (Research); Robin Philp, Agilent's South East Asia Academic Manager; Soh Lam Seng, Agilent's Malaysia Country Manager for Laboratory Solutions Sales; Professor Shah Yasin, Interim Head of Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences; Professor Dato' Dr. Anuar Zaini, Professor at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences; and Selene Tan, Agilent's Strategic Account Manager with staff of Monash.
From fourth left: Professor Iekhsan Othman, Monash University Malaysia Deputy Head of School (Research); Robin Philp, Agilent’s South East Asia Academic Manager; Soh Lam Seng, Agilent’s Malaysia Country Manager for Laboratory Solutions Sales; Professor Shah Yasin…

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Agilent Technologies to Host Science and Technology Symposium in South East Asia

A press release I wrote for work appeared on WordPress 🙂

Asia Fresh News

-Discourses provide platform for scientific communities to explore complete workflow solutions to meet research and lab productivity needs
SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Agilent Technologies (NYSE:A) today announced it will be hosting its 2016 Science and Technology Symposium series in South East Asia. The series is set to bring scientific communities and Agilent experts together in a unique opportunity to discuss the latest solutions to the scientific and business challenges laboratories face today.

Taking place in three countries, the Symposium will focus on food and environmental testing and lab productivity — key issues faced by Agilent customers in the region. For the first time, scientists and researchers will get a one-stop opportunity to explore complete Agilent solutions to all aspects of laboratory challenges — from specific techniques in sample preparation, measurement and analysis to strategies for laboratory cost and efficiency improvement. Other topics to be covered: regulatory requirements and consumer trends in…

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Calling Readers in the US…and anywhere, for that matter…

TFKwho are into making a difference, big or small – into the lives of more than 200,000 children across the country through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.

I am helping New York Road Runners raise funds for the health programs they run for underserved kids. Would you be so kind and make a donation to my campaign to support the youth?

ANY amount is greatly appreciated, but just to give you an idea of what your giving means:

$26.20 – Gives one of our Mighty Milers an entire year of running
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One-Liner Wednesday: I Am Back Blogging! (but with a request)

3_TCSNYCM_Instagram_Team-for-Kids-Member-Fundraising_2_for WP WidgetI am running the New York City Marathon 2015 with Team for Kids – aiming to raise USD 2620 for New York Road Runners to fund health programs for poor children in the US and Africa – I need to raise only USD 381.30 more to reach my target so will 50 of you please donate USD5 each here and I will figure out the remaining USD131.30?

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The Faces of Perseverance

One of the earliest posts I wrote.

People, Places, and Perspectives.

1. The model who goes for casting after casting, gets rejection after rejection, until a break comes when an ad director says ‘You have the kind of looks we want!’ and she gets to start making her mark.

2. The aspiring author who works on his or her manuscript, often late into the night because of their day job, and knock on publisher after publisher’s door until they find one who believes in their work.

3. The budding entrepreneur who makes cold calls, writes and distributes promotional material, tweaks his website and business model, networks, promotes, and continuously improves and refines what he has to offer until he breaks even and sees the tip of the profit iceberg.

4. The piano teacher who patiently gives his best to the one student he has, until his pool slowly grows.

5. The novice blogger who consistently writes and improves her blog posts…

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A Prayer for the Impossible

Dear God
Will You do
Which only You
The Sovereign God
Subject only to Your own will
Can do
Far above all that my finite mind
Can conceive
Here is my petition
Blow my mind
Dwarf my imagination
The way only You can
The God of all possibilities
In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus

Saturday Again…and What a Day!


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Among my favourite words starting with the letter ‘s’ is solitude, being the introvert that I am.

Last Saturday I was out and about so today I wanted to stay home and chill. But something unpredicted came about–grandma came down with a fever and lung infection yesterday so my dad and uncle rushed her to the hospital. At first her condition seemed serious and the hospital staff even told us to be prepared for the worst. She was hardly conscious but by the time my mom went to visit her in the late afternoon, she awoke and complained she was hungry. Hallelujah! I knew that was probably a good sign and true enough, this morning we received word from the hospital that she was well enough to be transferred from the high dependency unit to the normal ward.

So I had to forego solitude for today, going to the hospital to visit grandma in the morning and the evening, and hanging out with relatives who came down to visit her in between. It was a relief to see how grandma is bouncing back. I had been concerned that perhaps her maid’s abscondment affected her and triggered her health problem — she had been in hospital just a few months earlier.

My grandma is 83 years old and has been on insulin for the past few years, and had been having a host of health issues that require her to have a caregiver by her side, but she has remained her happy optimistic self. The first thing she said upon seeing me today was to remark how she almost couldn’t recognize me because of my new short hair cut. Then she commented that my necklace seemed a bit too thin. And when relating how she ended up in hospital this round she said, “Good thing I didn’t die this time!”

Earlier this evening she was happily joking away despite still having a slight fever. So that’s my grandma.

It’s close to 10 pm now so looks like I will have to postpone my solitude to tomorrow. But that doesn’t matter because I am just glad that grandma is ok now.

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