The Day I Walked in the Rain

30th of June, 2014

After a long spell of heat, rain finally began to appear. Today, it decided to do so just as I was about to clock out from work.

When I left the office to get to the carpark, the skies were already dark. I walked past the cafeteria as usual and bid goodbye to the security guard manning the loading area, hoping that my steady steps would help me beat the downpour to get to my car.

I reached the guard post for my final scan out and the clouds began to disintegrate. “Ahh!” I let out my annoyance. A car stopped in front of me and out came the driver, walking towards the post holding an umbrella. “How lucky whoever he’s picking up to be spared the rain,” I thought and then stepped out. My car was parked about six meters away. Home beckoned and no weather was going to delay me.

I could have run in my heels but I decided not to. The tune from the currently popular Frozen theme song was playing in my head so I did the thing I do whenever I think no one is watching: “Let it gooo… Let it goo… Let it goo…” to the beat of my brisk steps. I could hear the rain drops falling on my backpack but it felt like the rest of me was spared. “Maybe the rain isn’t as heavy as it seems after all,” I thought to myself.

A minute later I reached my car. With one press of the remote control button the door came unlocked and I opened it as I shrugged off my laptop backpack – and that was when I saw him. Right behind me, a decent two steps away, with the umbrella in one hand over my head and a smile on his face.

My eyes must have widened as the truth as to why I was not drenched dawned on me and I broke into a spontaneous “Thank you, thank you!” It was still raining so he walked back to the guard post to return the umbrella.

I got into my car and started my journey home, feeling flattered, privileged, and amazed all the way. Not only had I just witnessed the highest form of chivalry, I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.

It pays to walk in the rain.

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