Time–You Have Been Kind to Me

20140816-164509.jpgTime and again I thought I had lost my battle with time. Keeping time, saving time, managing time!

Punctuality is not my forte. I waste too much time ruminating, analyzing, reading my own writing over and over, and self-editing. And I fail to allocate my time for things and people I know I should. My car needs a wash and I have lost count of the number of times I told my grandma “I will go and find you when I have the time.”

But I am still ok somehow. Major deadlines are met, I am still a functioning human being, my car hasn’t gone rusty.

And most importantly, my grandma– and other people important to me are still around and hence, so is the chance for me to spend time with them. I need to take grandma out for tea like I used to. Before it’s too late.

Time–you have been kind to me. Please give me more uhh time, to do all I know I need to do.

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6 thoughts on “Time–You Have Been Kind to Me

  1. I really liked this; I too have issues with punctuality. But for the most part, everything that needs to get done does…eventually. 🙂 But like you, I too want to remember to use my time wisely, especially towards issues and people who mean the most to me. Good point — I also liked how your post was all framed in a sense of gratitude. Very nicely done.


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