Day 2 at Taupo: Sunny Winter Day, Picturesque Grounds, and a Breathtaking Brunch

Photos do no justice. But of course I had to take some. Huka Falls Resort is simply breathtakingly gorgeous!

I am so glad my last day here was sunny and cool, so I walked around after checking out and had brunch at the lovely Cafe Pinot. Everything was picture perfect! What a sense of beauty and freedom. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.

The view from my studio. I could wake up to this everyday! I was so delighted to be awakened by sunshine streaming through the curtains and birds chirping.

The road leading to the resort’s Cafe Pinot, vineyard, and Fletcher’s Church. I felt so free and relaxed roaming the grounds!

The currently barren vineyard. It’s winter after all. But today was a good winter day 🙂

Ah, Cafe Pinot. True to the receptionist’s word, it was so easy to find. And the stroll from the reception was pure bliss all the way.

Lovely place, but how could I not sit outside…

With a view like this? 20140714-030306.jpg

And this? 20140714-030446.jpg

That’s why I spent 1.5 hours finishing this. It was a heavenly place to enjoy solitude.

The wide green space I strolled through on my way to Fletcher’s Church.


The lone flower I encountered on my way back to reception.

One of the last few photos I took before leaving Huka Falls Resort for Lake Taupo Yacht Club, where the spiritual retreat cum conference I am attending would be held.

What can I say? There’s beauty everywhere in New Zealand. A haven for the introverts and the contemplative. And oh, adrenaline junkies too, with the popularity of extreme sports like sky diving and bungee jumping. But I won’t be attempting those!

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