The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardMany many Fridays ago, poorly and sickly ol’ me got a nice little surprise when a fellow WordPress blogger from Poland, Magdalena of One Positive Blog told me she has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I’ve seen awards going around on WordPress blogosphere bestowed on bloggers by bloggers, so it was encouraging and exciting to finally receive one myself 🙂 As part of this award, as a nominee I need to:

  • Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on my blog, and link to the blog I got nominated from;
  • Nominate up to fifteen (15) bloggers I admire, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it; and
  • Write three things that inspire me
  • So here goes, the bloggers I admire:

    And the three things that inspire me are:
    1. Confident people who are comfortable in their own skin– they don’t shy away from embracing their shortcomings and maximizing their strengths. Acceptance brings so much freedom and it makes people beautiful — the non size O woman who wears whatever she wants; the non native English speaker who goes ahead and makes that board presentation anyway knowing that good content and clear delivery trump bombastic words and flawless grammar; people who start giving back to society way before they make their own fortunes; the list goes on.

    2. Songs with great melodies and profound lyrics–works of art not just mere pop culture. Some examples: Sarah McLachlan’s Ordinary Miracle; the theme song from Frozen, Let It Go, and Vanessa Williams’s Save the Best for Last.

    3. Efficient, high-performing societies that are basking in luxury and the best of everything just because they have planned well, worked smart and hard, defied odds, and earned everything they have. These are reminders for me to continually strive to better myself because there is no greater feeling that knowing I am doing justice to myself.

    So here goes, and thanks again Magdalena for this nomination!

    One-Liner Wednesday — Birthday Advice to Someone Younger

    It’s my birthday today and there was an extra strawberry on my cake so I decided to give it to the young intern who was at the lunch, and with the strawberry this piece of (unsolicited) advice (which she thankfully seemed to appreciate)…”Ah let me give the strawberry to the youngest person here…you’re at the age where your whole life is ahead of you, so spend it wisely and make the right decisions so that when you reach my age you have no regrets!”

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    One-Liner Wednesday–If Only

    If only, if only each and every of us knows how valuable and worthy we are, just because we have been created to be so, and that our worth is not determined by that one person’s opinion–that playground bully, the spouse who walked out, the parent who could never be pleased, that unrequited love, that mean boss, that insulting audition judge, that publisher who tears your manuscript apart.

    This post is part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday:

    One-Liner Wednesday–Trust

    Trust is telling your hairstylist what you want to look like and then taking a nap while he snips away, having no doubt that when you open your eyes your hair would look good–and even if it doesn’t he will snip again and get it right!

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    Time–You Have Been Kind to Me

    20140816-164509.jpgTime and again I thought I had lost my battle with time. Keeping time, saving time, managing time!

    Punctuality is not my forte. I waste too much time ruminating, analyzing, reading my own writing over and over, and self-editing. And I fail to allocate my time for things and people I know I should. My car needs a wash and I have lost count of the number of times I told my grandma “I will go and find you when I have the time.”

    But I am still ok somehow. Major deadlines are met, I am still a functioning human being, my car hasn’t gone rusty.

    And most importantly, my grandma– and other people important to me are still around and hence, so is the chance for me to spend time with them. I need to take grandma out for tea like I used to. Before it’s too late.

    Time–you have been kind to me. Please give me more uhh time, to do all I know I need to do.

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    Love You Better

    I won’t take your burdens as my own
    Because then they weigh me down
    And I can no longer
    Help you stay afloat.

    I will partake in your pain
    Cry real tears with you
    Try–and walk in your shoes
    So I know how it hurts.

    Not tell you how you err
    Or ply you with advice
    Should’s, could’s, and must’s
    No, but I will point you towards Love
    With faith that there you will find hope.

    This way I remain buoyant in joy
    So I can always help you stay afloat.

    When Mom and Dad Weren’t Around

    20140810-212411.jpgToday I went over to my parents’ place to collect some things. They happened to be out so the house was empty.

    Empty–and yet so full of their presence, and all the things that were ‘them’. The sound of the running water from the pond, which my dad enthusiastically maintains, with the fishes swimming inside that all of us enjoy just watching.

    Dad’s golf set, often carelessly left leaning against the shoe cupboard. Mom’s books on the coffee table in the living area. Framed family photographs–including the one of mom’s Masters’ graduation. Both their laptops, always on the dining table! Vintage items like a radio and charcoal iron that Dad insists are highly prized collectibles, his various golf trophies and the framed Hole-in-One cert from that many many years ago. And newspapers strewn all over.

    I took in all that and got a little sentimental. Especially when I opened the fridge and saw the remnants of the herbal concoction from last night — made for me by mom to remedy my persistent cough. And when I saw the stylish reversible sling bag that dad gave me.

    This was home–and in the quiet it suddenly felt full of love. They were all over the place–signs of how much they love me, my brother, and my sister.

    And I realized one day this house would be permanently empty when the day comes that they are no longer around for good, when the cycle of life runs its course as it will for all of us.

    I resolved to be more appreciative, less difficult. I felt sorry for all the times I complained about what they did which I did not agree with. Even on things about my upbringing.

    Well mom and dad, I am sorry, especially mom. For all the things I said you did wrong, there were far more that you have done right. And most importantly, those things were your very best.

    Happy Birthday in advance and I love you both!

    Double of These, Please

    I am waiting for my turn for my post-laser eye surgery check up and will try to finish this post doubly faster than the usual speed at which I write. So this week’s prompt is the word ‘double’.

    What are the things I would like to have double of?
    1. Double the faith
    2. Double the optimism
    3. Double the money
    4. Double the time
    5. Double the intelligence
    6. Double the love
    7. Double the patience
    8. Double the wisdom
    9. Double the self-confidence
    10. Double the good listeners

    Here’s wishing everyone a weekend that’s doubly better than the usual! 😀

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