Indelible Edelweiss

If I were put in a spot and made to sing a song, I will likely end up singing “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music. It’s easy to remember – both the melody and the words. Elegant, wholesome music that the entire family can sing along together–stuff happy childhoods are made of. Fancy a beautiful song inspired by a plant–with words simple enough that even a 5-year-old can recite by heart, but a symbolism so profound, it ends on a patriotic note.

This song is indelibly etched in my heart – and I am sure it’s not hard to see why.

A Day with Maria and the Von Trapps

“Maria! I grew up watching you sing, dance on the hills, gaze into the eyes of the handsome Captain Von Trapp, and become an instant mother to the seven beautiful Von Trapp children!”

I am excited beyond words to live my favourite childhood scenes. The Von Trapp residence is a mammoth palace, where do I start exploring? Maria is kind enough to take me on a tour through the palatial place, showing me the room where she sang “My Favourite Things” – oh how I remember those curtains she used to make the children’s clothing for their outdoor trip!

Since I have only one day in the Sound of Music, she asks me which scene I would like to live. I choose the one where she sings “The Sound of Music” at the mountainside she grew up, before leaving her old life to become a governess to the Von Trapp children. What a delight to discover that we sing in the same key, so we both walk and run on the grass, throw pebbles into the stream, stretch our arms wide, look to the sky, and sing in perfect harmony.

The only time left for me to meet the children and the Captain is dinner, so I join them before returning to my life. How unfortunate that speaking is not allowed while eating,so there’s not much conversation, only prim and proper, restrained behavior.

I am not sure what the proper etiquette is, so I merely give everyone a polite bow before leaving.