Healing in Heels

For a woman, healing sometimes comes in the form of a pair of high heels. Killer heels that lift her up, not just literally, but emotionally. If it is true, that is, that our posture can affect how we feel.

So to the ladies out there, when life throws us a curveball as it always does, consider buying a new pair of heels. They don’t have to cost a bomb, because the healing power of a slinky pair of new shoes is not found only in Blahniks, Choos, and Louboutins. I find it therapeutic just buying a pair of 15-dollar high heels on sale as long as I like the way they look on my feet. They don’t have to last long, if the reason for buying them in the first place was for therapy and not so much utility.

What can I say? I love my shoes. I am no aspiring Imelda Marcos, but like most women, I am wired to take delight in shoes.

Life is short, buy those heels!

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Excuses Galore!

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

We all know the common excuses people make for not sticking to their exercise plan. Why not turn the tables around and take a look at the excuses we can make to actually exercise? Here’s the list, flowing out of my stream of consciousness:

1. The TV is not having anything interesting on anyway
2. My high-school anniversary is coming
3. There are a few good songs on the iPod to make the workout fun
4. The skinny jeans may stop threatening to burst at the seams if I do this three times a week for three months
5. Think long term! Exercise is an important but not urgent task, to use the four quadrants of time management by Stephen Covey
6. Happy people exercise regularly
7. I can go running while waiting for my laundry
8. I can learn a foreign language on my iPod while running
9. The sleepiness and lethargy will disappear the moment the momentum picks up and I get into the groove
10. Dinner tastes better after an exercise

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Degrees and What They Mean to Me

1. Temperature
I am a tropical girl, a true blue one. I sat down to write this post only after I successfully adjusted the air conditioning temperature in the hall and rooms of this serviced apartment my family and I are staying tonight to 29 degree Celcius. Shh I hope no one noticed.

2. Education degrees
My mom obtained her Masters degree in education when she was well over 60 years old, an endeavour she embarked on just because she felt she had too much free time on her hands. It was quite sweet to see how my dad would sometimes send her to class and then sit down for a drink at the university’s cafeteria to wait for her. Incidentally, my mom’s Masters degree is from the very university where she and my dad met. Hmm I have nothing else to say about degrees…except that I have observed that having a degree is just a ticket that helps to open doors. The rest is still up to us as success is anything but automatic, even for degree holders — be they Bachelors, Masters, or PhDs. Who are we kidding anyway? Everyone knows some of the most successful people in the world are college dropouts.

3. The third degree
Outside of the police interrogation room, or formal investigations, the third degree, in my opinion, occurs only when there are control and insecurity issues involved. Ideally words and questions should be used appropriately and not too liberally. Yes even as someone who enjoys writing, and whose day job involves a great deal of writing — I swear by the economy of words.

So that brings me to the end of this post 🙂 Toodle-oo before this gets too wordy!

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