Healing in Heels

For a woman, healing sometimes comes in the form of a pair of high heels. Killer heels that lift her up, not just literally, but emotionally. If it is true, that is, that our posture can affect how we feel.

So to the ladies out there, when life throws us a curveball as it always does, consider buying a new pair of heels. They don’t have to cost a bomb, because the healing power of a slinky pair of new shoes is not found only in Blahniks, Choos, and Louboutins. I find it therapeutic just buying a pair of 15-dollar high heels on sale as long as I like the way they look on my feet. They don’t have to last long, if the reason for buying them in the first place was for therapy and not so much utility.

What can I say? I love my shoes. I am no aspiring Imelda Marcos, but like most women, I am wired to take delight in shoes.

Life is short, buy those heels!

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Ooh La La

So if I am given unlimited funds to plan one day of luxuries, what would I do? Without question, the first thing I would do is to book first class return air tickets for my trip to New York in November next year for the New York City Marathon (if it is possible to book air tickets so much in advance). Since I am going to travel half the world to have a lazy, relaxing holiday…not! I can’t imagine flying economy, arriving in a state of jet lag, and then run a crowded full marathon in the cold just two days later. A flight in the first class cabin would be a dream come true. And next, since hotel rooms are so expensive in the peak tourism season, I would also use the funds to book 14 nights in a luxury hotel in New York City so that I have ample time for sightseeing after the marathon is over.

I would also make some investments — maybe get a property that would hopefully be a diligent cash cow for me in the long term. And then buy a nice little island that I can maybe someday retire to, and get a nifty hybrid car that would save fuel and be kinder to the environment in the long run.

So my first purchases are made with the long-term future in mind. Now that I have taken care of the practical things, I can move on to splurge on whatever I fancy. I would buy gifts for my friends and loved ones, get some Louis Vuitton, Prada, Celine, Birkin and Chanel bags for myself, lots of chocolates, clothes, running gear, winter clothing, and ah maybe some insurance policies for my loved ones (there goes the practical side again), and some blue chip stocks.

Looks like my long-term thinking does come into play quite a lot. This is an interesting prompt that gets me thinking about money–and it’s good to remember that money can be a friend or foe depending on how we manage it. Mindless splurging might just lead to slavery to materialism and temporary satisfaction. On the other hand, money can be the key to lifelong freedom if invested wisely.


Bangkok on a whim… Somewhat :)

With the Thai classes I have been taking and the affinity I (and many others I am sure!) have for Thailand, it’s only natural that I would visit the country more than once.

And it turned out that my second trip to Bangkok was rather impromptu – I decided one Monday that I wanted to go and in less than two weeks found myself walking down the colourful streets of Bangkok again.

My roommate from university, Bee Choo was game enough to come along and we both flew over separately – I from Penang and she from Kuala Lumpur – and had our reunion at the Suvarnabhumi Airport that bright, busy Friday morning! Between catching up, luggages in tow we managed to hail a cab and make some rough plans on what to do on our first day, while I practised a bit of my newly acquired Thai with the cabbie on our way to the hotel.

‘Ton née prated Thai politik bpen yang ngai kha?’ How are politics in Thailand now?

The tanned middle-aged man ruefully shook his head but the satisfaction that a native Thai speaker actually understood me was shortlived because right after that he launched into a heartfelt response that I could hardly understand. I made a mental note to catch up with my revision and continue my Thai lessons, and decided that this time around it would be more practical to just focus on our main trip agenda – shopping, food and massage!

20140524-234848.jpgThere was a train station right at the doorstep of the Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit Hotel where we would stay for our two nights there, but on the first day we explored the area mainly by foot – partly because the hotel staff told us that the Platinum Shopping Mall was ‘walking distance’ from the hotel without specifying that it would take 20 minutes to get there on foot!

20140524-234459.jpgBut get there we did, and thankfully it was fun because along the way we stopped by Amarin Plaza for a pleasant Thai lunch at its bright and spacious food court, and saw a number of interesting street stalls selling fresh orange and promegranate juices, tea and coffee, cut fruits, and snacks like barbecued sausages and meats.

At the end of our trip to the popular fashion mall we were both satisfied shoppers with the tops and dresses we bought. I also found a gorgeous pair of rose gold-coloured sandals and three lovely necklaces. The gold-colored choker was an epiphany discovered on our way back to the hotel, at a roadside jewelry stall! That night, after a short rest and shower we ventured out again and had our dinner at some street stalls near Siam
Square. I had an entire baked fish by myself with a side of herb and vege salad served with a hot, spicy chilli sauce – no doubt one of the best carb-free meals I’ve ever had! Bee Choo’s pork noodle soup didn’t disappoint either, with the flavourful and richly spiced soup base.

20140524-235209.jpgOn the second day we were delighted to discover some really quaint shops at Siam Square selling pretty, high-quality tailored and handmade dresses. Before that we were at the Central World Plaza where I succumbed and joined the Fit Flop bandwagon, buying a glittery pair of the famed sandals in a subtle yellow gold that would go with almost any colour. Bee Choo bought some body wash and lotions from a shop next door that sells a homegrown Thai skincare brand – probably Thailand’s answer to the likes of Body Shop, L’Occitane and Skin Food. We also had fun looking at accessories at Accesorize.

A one and a half-hour body massage later was followed by more shopping at Boots Pharmacy, and then we took the tuk tuk to the Pratunam night market. Nothing much appealed to us there but I did come across some really charming tuk tuk key fobs which I bought to bring home as souvenirs – my female colleagues’ squeals of ‘wahh so nice!!’ upon being asked to pick one in the color they liked seemed to confirm that I had made the right choice.

That night we had a simple dinner of takeaway street food from the night market – Bee Choo had her mango sticky rice and I was contented with my fried chicken. My only regret was not to have bought at least two pieces.

Our last day was rather fruitful too as we managed to visit a supermarket, Villa Mart which was just a 5-minute walk from our hotel, where I picked up some chocolate bars and biscuits. We went back to Boots again to buy a few more things and even went for a lovely Thai foot massage near the Siam train station, where we also had lunch before heading back to the hotel to check out and bid goodbye to this vibrant city.

We spent some time window shopping at the airport before hugging each other goodbye and heading to our departure gates.

So looks like this post has turned to be a plain account of what I did in Bangkok – not so much of the introspective piece that I had originally intended to write. Maybe I’ll leave that for another day, and I guess a brief two-night trip with the ‘shallow’ agenda of shopping, eating and massage doesn’t offer much time and opportunity to really observe and absorb the culture and nuances of the life in Bangkok.

But that’s okay, because I will definitely be back again.