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Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

I am so late for this week’s SoCS, but since it’s the last weekend of 2014, I decided it’s better to be late than to miss it. After all, SoCS is one of the best discoveries I made this year.

Sadly, though, my thoughts and emotions are now consumed with sadness because I logged into WordPress and read on my Reader that another airplane has gone missing…or more specifically, another Malaysian airplane has gone missing… this time it’s the AirAsia jet bound for Singapore from Indonesia. My heart goes out to the loved ones of all onboard. Co-incidentally, my mom was also scheduled to fly to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur this morning, also on AirAsia, so I was naturally anxious to find out if she had arrived safely. I called my brother and thankfully managed to confirm that.

Tragedies like these are grim reminders that bad fortune can happen to just anyone. What if it was the flight from KL to Singapore that had suffered that ill fate? And just two days ago, 26th of December 2014, we were remembering the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami that took so many lives 10 years ago–another tragedy close to home, because it also hit Batu Feringghi and Tanjung Bunga, the popular tourist area in Penang where I bought my first property. I remember my ex boss, who stayed (and still does) in the area telling us how she could, from her high-rise balcony, see bodies floating near the beaches.

Such sad news to end 2014 with, and I had planned to review the year and set my goals for 2015 after finishing this post. I guess I will proceed with my plan, albeit in a somber mood. I also can’t help but wonder if it was mere co-incidence that my country’s airlines are so ill-fated in 2014. I have so many trips lined up for next year, and suddenly I found myself feeling somewhat relieved that I would mostly be flying foreign airlines…like Dragonair to Hong Kong and Thai Airways to Japan and Europe. But thinking this way does not take away the sadness I feel over the latest missing airplane. Life has to go on, though, and I resolve to make the best of what I have, especially appreciating my loved ones, so that if I were to perish in such an unexpected manner, I would at least know I have no (or minimal) regrets.

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