Gratitude and the Victorious Christian

cross-2303388_1280It is inconceivable that a Christian who lives every day in a worshipful and grateful attitude will not also live a life of victory. Jesus died on the cross to give His beloved eternal life and here-and-now peace, and that alone warrants the highest gratitude from the believer. And gratitude IS worship. And worship leads to victory.

But what does victory look like? It can be surprisingly unassuming – like a pair of lips curved in a gentle smile under scorching heat, or brows that do not furrow in the face of a traffic jam, or a tone of voice that does not rise in retaliation of an insult.

Victory does not always have to take on the giant-slaying, raising-the-dead or feeding-five-thousand-with-five-fishes kind of magnitude, though it is completely possible for a Christian who walks in intimacy with Christ to perform miracles of such proportions Рin His name, of course. Victory does not mean being completely absent of challenges and hardship, because God promised to mold Рnot molly coddle us.

Victory is a strong unrelenting heart – like a ground that remains fertile despite the drought. Victory is a pair of eyes with supernatural vision – like a telescope that sees into the vast distance, beyond the chaos of the present time and catches glimpses of hope that make them twinkle like the stars God has made.

Put simply, the Christian victory is peace and joy independent of circumstances, attained by having a God-sized perspective that makes present human preoccupations minuscule in comparison.

The Christian who truly worships Jesus and wants Him above anything else IS victorious – because at the end of the race of life, the object, Person of their worship, Jesus Himself – is waiting for them at the finish line…with open arms and nail-pierced hands.


Breakthrough: Ten Things I Will Enjoy when I Conquer Procrastination

As part of my little personal campaign to break the habit of procrastination, I would like to imagine a life without procrastination.

When the breakthrough in this endeavor arrives, what will success look like? What are the things I will enjoy?

  1. Constant peace of mind – from the absence of unfinished tasks whose deadlines are looming close
  2. Increased focus – when I can afford to devote more time to work on things that are begun early and well before the target completion date, which leads to…
  3. More creative ideas for the projects I work on
  4. More enjoyment of the tasks at hand – simply because every moment can be fully experienced instead of rushed through with one hundred other things on my mind
  5. A relaxed, unhurried pace of life – no more scurrying around trying to get things done in record time…which leads to…
  6. A better figure and healthier body – being on tops of things would mean I have enough time and energy to work out three times a week, instead of just once or twice
  7. Better relationship with my loved ones with more time to spend with them
  8. Better decision making – with more time to weigh the pros and cons to make sure I make the best possible choices
  9. Freedom from guilt – the nagging feeling that I may not be giving my best to whatever I am working on because time is running short; and finally, last but not least…
  10. Freedom from regret – knowing that I have been a good steward of my time here on Earth.

Rewind: A Birthday Post

Having just got another year older (and hopefully wiser) it is a good time to rewind a little to the past and reflect (regret is futile!) on what I could have learnt and done better. Since I have spent the whole day relaxing I am kinda sleepy now… I will write yet another list post:

1. Do not let what others say get you down
Usually nasty things said are a reflection of the person who said them. If you find you are overly affected, bouncing it off a mental health professional (read: a shrink) may just help you drill down to the root cause of your vulnerability to another person’s opinion. It could be a subconscious, deep-seated insecurity that once dealt with, will set you free to soar to your highest potential.

2. Work hard
People generally espouse working smart, but when experience is lacking working hard could be the only way to discover how to work smart. So embrace hard work, inconvenience, and the occasional sacrifice. People don’t die from being diligent, only self-abuse.

3. Try new things often
Stepping out of our comfort zones may lead to enriching discoveries that may even change the course of our lives altogether. We are where we are today because of the choices we made in the past – almost nothing else. So be a little more adventurous — today.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments
I have beaten myself up more than enough. It’s time to acknowledge and embrace the good things I have done over the years. Don’t compare with others because we are all running different races, and before you are tempted to start berating yourself again, consider the fact that there may be people who are wishing they could do what you do, or be where you are.

So as celebrations continue into the coming week I will continue rewinding and reflecting… Because ‘the unexamined life is not worth living.’ – Socrates

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