Six Inspiring Things I Heard This Week

From the keynote speech delivered by Malaysian TV personality, entrepreneur and social activist, Ngai Yuen Low, at the Northern Region Women’s Leadership Summit 2014:

1. On fulfilling one’s potential
“Hell is when you meet the person you could have been.”

2. On chasing after our dreams
“Don’t think too much. Just dive in and the rest will take care of itself.”

3. On dealing with criticisms
“Don’t bother with what others say, as long as you know where you are heading. You must see ten years ahead, not ten weeks ahead!”

4. On being a good parent
“When I am happy with myself, I can be a good mommy.”

From the emcee and other panel speakers at the same event:

5. On productivity
“Done is better than perfect.” – quoted by Tian Pow Pun, event emcee

6. On how some people seem to have things work in their favour all the time
“Luck is the byproduct of design.” – guest panelist, Boonsiri Somchit-Ong


Six Questions to Ask Ourselves Everyday, According to Brendon Burchard

Having seen Brendon Burchard’s Facebook ads, I clicked on the link and the positive comments on his training video led me to click the Play button. I wasn’t disappointed! I didn’t take notes so here from memory, in my own words, are the 6 questions he says we should be asking ourselves a few times a day if we want to “live, love and matter”.

1. Am I rested and well hydrated? (Physical)

2. What is my mission today? (Productivity)

3. What is the level of my presence, in terms of physical presence and emotional vibrancy with whatever I am doing? (Presence)

4. Am I living my truth today? (Psychological)

5. Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm? (Persuasion)

6. How can I serve greatly? (Purpose)

So far I have done pretty well with question 1 – remembering to get sufficient sleep and drink more water than I usually do. Will be working on the rest for sure, and his video is definitely worth watching more than just once.