Feet on the Ground

Many paths lie ahead
You ask, which one to take
At your heart’s leading
One step, you make

Feels right
Feels wrong
Feels good, or bad
The road, for sure —
Almost never certain

Obstacles along the way
Hurdles that make you stumble
Mountains so insurmountable
Landmines of life —
Pain, discouragement, despair

Stand firm
Two feet on the ground
Look upwards…then inwards
There is hope, strength — and
The ground
Still beneath your feet

Steady your spirit
And step again, forward
Because you can
When your feet
Are firmly on the ground.

The Fire of Perseverance

Keep the flame alive, no matter how small. Times when the winds are too strong, you may need to protect it from the extinguishing force, surround it with fierce determination. And then keep fanning. It gets tiring. But do not stop fanning the flame. One day, it will grow in size. Soon it will be big enough that keeping it alive when the winds are strong will not be as hard as it used to be. By then you would also have stronger arms to do the fanning. Finally, the flame will grow so big that its heat is felt through the distance, and its strength and passion fling doors and arms open – and in will come all things good, as your labour finally bears its fruit.

So keep it alive.

The Faces of Perseverance

1. The model who goes for casting after casting, gets rejection after rejection, until a break comes when an ad director says ‘You have the kind of looks we want!’ and she gets to start making her mark.

2. The aspiring author who works on his or her manuscript, often late into the night because of their day job, and knock on publisher after publisher’s door until they find one who believes in their work.

3. The budding entrepreneur who makes cold calls, writes and distributes promotional material, tweaks his website and business model, networks, promotes, and continuously improves and refines what he has to offer until he breaks even and sees the tip of the profit iceberg.

4. The piano teacher who patiently gives his best to the one student he has, until his pool slowly grows.

5. The novice blogger who consistently writes and improves her blog posts until views and feedback grow from trickles to a steady stream.

6. The overweight health enthusiast who consistently eats and exercises right until the inches drop off.

7. The parent who never stops loving a wayward child.