Haiku No. 29

my closet

after the method


Post inspired by today’s prompt at The Daily Post: Closet


The Trouble with the Intangible

If I were to compare my bedroom and laptop’s desktop, which is messier?

My pale pink bedroom walls provide the perfect backdrop for my white furniture, and plain curtains in dark purplish pink, the colour of healing bruises, sway gently in the pleasant breeze created by my ceiling fan. Pillows (yes, in different shades of pink and peach) are strewn over my bed while one book sits quietly next to one of them. On the small wooden bedside table are three more books and a magazine. My hairdryer lies on top of the pile which is a bit of an eyesore, but that will be fixed at the snap of a finger because I just need to unplug it from the power source, roll the wire neatly and tuck it inside the drawer.

Everything morning I get ready for work with the efficiency of a factory line assembly because I know just where everything is–which is right where they are supposed to be. Cosmetics and skincare on the vanity table, clothing in the wardrobe, full-length mirror smartly attached to a closet door. Cotton pads used to swipe my face with astringent are deftly thrown into the waste paper basket which is right next to my vanity stool.

So if my bedroom gets messy it is still at least organized mess because rearranging things and restoring order is so easy with the structure in place.

My laptop, in comparison, is a different challenge altogether. Organizing information seems trickier than organizing tangible physical things because I find it easier to categorize and separate things I can see and feel. The best I can do with the information on my laptop is to just organize them according to their topics and purpose, and that’s not as easy as it sounds because overlaps of categories happen often.

This is the very reason I find it much easier to describe the organization of my bedroom than that of my laptop–and this also answers the question as to which is messier. My laptop wins hands down.