A real holiday…at long last: Sampling of an introvert’s leisurely thoughts

All by myself, yes!! (Though I will be meeting up with some people at my destination).

This is an introvert’s pleasure. (Too many have argued I am an extrovert – another post for another day, perhaps, where I will maybe explain that my bouncy steps and rib tickling one liners are really the result of all the years spent being my own best friend. Ha! I just made myself laugh, do you see what I mean?)

When an introvert decides to get away, it is usually not because she is bored. In my case, at least. It’s because she wants to recharge, renew, reconnect with herself and all that she has, and explore.

I have not even left Malaysian soil and my getaway is already achieving its purpose. Having breakfast while waiting for my connecting flight, I am more aware than ever of the hotness and spiciness of the nasi lemak – a local fare I have grown up with – I am eating. I felt a sense of pride when I saw a foreigner eagerly ordering nasi lemak (or maybe I was just amused by his pronunciation – oops. It can be hard to differentiate good feelings.)

I hugged my mom and dad when they dropped me at the airport. We don’t do that all that often. I texted my brother and sister and said ‘bye, I love you’. I am flying Malaysia Airlines and looking at the now-notorious red and blue stripes, I realized that our country is like our family – it may be imperfect, but you won’t ever stop loving and identifying with it. You just can’t. 🙂



Of Stereotypes and Shallowness: “This treatment is reserved for …”

20140708-234957.jpgToday I went apartment hunting and encountered two disappointing facades of the human nature.

The first one were the two owners of the first apartment I viewed who smiled halfheartedly and then proceeded to ignore me while my negotiator and I went through the place…but when I asked about the rental and they realized I was a prospective tenant and not a co-negotiator the guy almost jumped up from his expensive leather sofa and apologized for not greeting me earlier. So, the message was if I was not a prospective tenant I wouldn’t have deserved that courtesy?

The second one was when I texted another negotiator to arrange for a viewing after seeing his online posting. Everything went ok until he asked:”May I know your race?”

I replied: “Argghh how are we ever gonna achieve a Malaysian Malaysia like this?” I humored him and added: “I am Chinese with Thai blood.”

He must have been satisfied with my answer because he went on to say he would confirm the viewing time and asked me for my name. I did not bother to respond.

Nothing personal, all about principles.