Senses Alert: Life Lived to the Full

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Are you hearing the unsaid
Are you seeing the flower by the sidewalk
Does the smell of coffee still brighten your day
Or has it become as unnoticed
As the old sofa in that corner?

Do you take time to chew
And savour the juices oozing in your mouth
Or have you been eating
Merely to survive?

Do you take time to hug
Give pats on the back
Feel the softness of velvet
Or be grateful for the carpet
And heat on cold winter nights?

Perky senses could lead to a life well lived!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You, My American Readers

StatsFor you still make up the majority of my blog visitors, as shown by my WordPress stats. Views from my own country trail behind on a far second at 699, compared to 1506 views from the USA – since the birth of this blog middle of May this year.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I am pleasantly surprised that I have been posting consistently till now. Having the WordPress community really helps, like participating in Linda’s blogging events, and also Daily Post’s.

Thank you to all of you who have dropped by to write your comments, or to click the Like button (no matter where you are from. I even have views from countries I had never heard of, like Liechtenstein and Jersey!) That keeps me going, and reading your writing keeps me learning. I try to read and comment on other people’s blogs as much as I can too, though I often blog on the go.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US of A. I can’t wait to come face to face with the Statue of Liberty in November next year! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where I come from, but giving thanks can still be a way of life. So in the spirit of the occasion, I am thankful for WordPress and the wonderful blogging community here. Blog (and write) on, everybody!

Sounds of My Life

If my life were a movie, it would have an eclectic soundtrack.

1. Classical piano music, Mozart sonatas especially – for the scenes from those early years. Endless music classes and practicing for examinations and performances. I know many Asians would identify. But one thing that set me apart from my friends in this respect is that I asked to be sent for piano lessons instead of having them forced on me, which was the common case with my friends.

2. A brief medley of boyband music – for those awkward teenage years. I outgrew those pretty fast.

3. Christian music, rock, Thai pop and rock music, jazz, Taiwanese rock, Malaysian and Indonesian — these seem to be my all-time favourites.

But I do wonder, once I get into my later years — when I get to my seventies, would I still be listening to what I listen a lot to now? I have a penchant for fast rock songs especially when I run or work… will seventy year old me still find these appealing?

4. Sounds of nature — the fading sizzle of lapping waves, chirping of birds during the day and crickets at night, or the sound of nothingness. The soundtrack for the introvert.

Handmade Gifts Come from the Heart

I had trouble recalling the gifts I received that were not store bought, till I started to look around my study. The origami rose I got from my friend for this year’s birthday lies on my open book shelf, idle before two mini Barbie dolls that are leaning against the wall. That’s one! I also received a self-made birthday card from a colleague. Well she used her computer to type the words and printed it out on a piece of paper which she folded in four – so that counts. I also have a lovely pink flowery handsewn pouch given by another friend who has a very talented mom. The pouch was made by her mom, and all of us who went to her housewarming party last year got one each. It’s sitting on my desk right next to me as I type this, and so is the pom-pom hairclip I received from the students of the school that my company sponsored for the Young Enterprise program. It’s a program where high school students tried their hand at entrepreneurship, selling items they manufactured on their own from scratch. The hairclip, among a few other things, were given to me and my colleagues who acted as their advisors as a ‘thank you’ gesture.

I also received a poem when I was in university, eloquently written, printed on sugar paper, and sneaked into my note book during a lecture when I wasn’t looking. I did not quite know how to respond then, but looking back, it did make me feel pretty special.

So which one is the best? These very special things came from very special people, so that alone, I think, renders comparison irrelevant.



A few months ago, I started using memory foam pillows. They are said to help us sleep better, correct our posture, and hence lead to better energy levels and mental focus — if I remember the label on the packaging correctly. Oh dear this sentence is contradicting. I am supposed to have better focus mentally and yet I doubt my ability to recall correctly. Haha.

But I liked them and found them comfortable so went out and got another two for my parents. Speaking of them, now I remember I wanted to discuss a holiday together with my mom. I don’t remember the last time I went on a proper holiday with them…it must have been when I was still a child. Looks like it’s time to make some memories again with them.

It’s already the 1st of November on my part of the world. Time surely flies…and my memory of starting this blog in May is still fresh and this year has felt pretty whirlwind with so many things to savor and experience.

I wish everyone an awesome final two months of 2014. Let’s make every moment count so at the end of it we can have some sweet, gratifying memories.

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Trick or Trick?

This prompt is quite difficult for me to write on because I don’t celebrate Halloween. But I remember having fun trying on funny Halloween hats at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park with my friend Sarah when we traveled to that country during Halloween season 6 years ago. Too bad the photos are on my old laptop. I thought I looked¬† pretty good and interesting with a tall, green coloured witch hat with green-colored snakes hanging all over it.

Back to the prompt–so I can pretend I have run out of candy, but for the kids to scare me, I can’t imagine¬† what they can possibly do. Unless they are wunderkinder who can come up with some realistic sound effects of some supernatural beings, or impersonate my dead relatives really really well.

But I have a feeling they could easily succeed at annoying me, especially if they are not that cute, and if they ring my doorbell at my down time.

And wait, is Halloween a day where children have a legitimate excuse to be rude and annoying? Hmm. Anyway, to those of you who are celebrating, Happy Halloween!

As Fleeting as Illumination from the Fridge

Tears shed in the dark of night

But that’s alright

As fleeting as the illumination that you get

When the door of the fridge is opened by the tempted

And the emotionally challenged

Are the trials and tribulations

Embrace the darkest nights

For light comes without fail

God has made it such

That it is dawn that breaks

Not your spirit.

One-Liner Wednesday — 2000% Return

20141029-222943.jpgAs part of the Young Enterprise CSR program, I bought MYR 10 (USD 3) worth of shares in a student-run company, and made MYR 203.45 (USD 62) back in dividends: a whopping return of over 2000 percent and no doubt, the most profitable financial investment I’ve ever made in my life.

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A Day with Maria and the Von Trapps

“Maria! I grew up watching you sing, dance on the hills, gaze into the eyes of the handsome Captain Von Trapp, and become an instant mother to the seven beautiful Von Trapp children!”

I am excited beyond words to live my favourite childhood scenes. The Von Trapp residence is a mammoth palace, where do I start exploring? Maria is kind enough to take me on a tour through the palatial place, showing me the room where she sang “My Favourite Things” – oh how I remember those curtains she used to make the children’s clothing for their outdoor trip!

Since I have only one day in the Sound of Music, she asks me which scene I would like to live. I choose the one where she sings “The Sound of Music” at the mountainside she grew up, before leaving her old life to become a governess to the Von Trapp children. What a delight to discover that we sing in the same key, so we both walk and run on the grass, throw pebbles into the stream, stretch our arms wide, look to the sky, and sing in perfect harmony.

The only time left for me to meet the children and the Captain is dinner, so I join them before returning to my life. How unfortunate that speaking is not allowed while eating,so there’s not much conversation, only prim and proper, restrained behavior.

I am not sure what the proper etiquette is, so I merely give everyone a polite bow before leaving.