The Wonder of Water: A True Story

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Here’s a simple story of how water changed a young woman’s life:

“I used to suffer from a bad case of pimples and acne. I had such a pizza face that it affected my self-confidence, to the extent that when I talked to people I would not look at them in the eye. And imagine I was a bank teller!

I went from doctor to doctor and tried all sorts of creams and medication. But nothing worked. One day I went to see a new dermatologist, and he told me to forget about everything else, and just drink a lot of water! So I started guzzling water, a few liters a day, and I would just drink and drink. True enough, my skin started clearing up as the water flushed out all the toxins in my body that were causing the breakouts.

My life started to change as I started gaining confidence in myself. I love wearing make up and I tried different jobs, gaining more experience to grow my career. And I have no qualms talking to people and making eye contact with them. All it took was just to listen to that doctor and drink lots of water.”

This was narrated to me by a colleague I had during one of my earliest jobs. As I look back, I realized one takeaway from her story is that…sometimes the very solution to a persistent problem that has been bugging us for no end can just turn out to be the simplest one!

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Stellar doesn’t have to speak
Nor say “Hey look at me”
Stellar can be meek
As only the strong can be.

Stellar seeks not an audience
She doesn’t have to
Stellar stays in her radius
Gracious in all her ways
Runs her race on her path even if desolate
She doesn’t crave but she emanates.

Stellar is a paradox
Quiet yet unequivocal
Unassuming yet august
Carefree yet assertive
She hears no chatter yet listens when you speak
She acts silly and remains courtly.

Stellar is sexy.

Beauty, a Curse!

Once upon a time, a girl was born
And as she grew, it became clear
That she would look quite fine.

Friends and family flatter and fawn
“Ooh” and “aah” over large eyes
And brows that they say
Won’t need penciling, ever
And my, double eyelids!
“The envy of your fellow Chinese”
Then her limbs grew longer, and it became
“Oh you could be a model someday
And have many admirers.”

The girl grew up
But guess what she found
Life isn’t easy, and
“Beauties” aren’t spared misery
And how hollow are mere looks
If beneath the veneer
The mind, will, and spirit stay in infancy!
And how empty the heart
If mere appearance
Were to be the ticket
To happiness, love, acceptance
And behind the scenes
Models work like dogs, fight like cats
And get admired–but as mere objects.

Oh what lies!
Albeit unintentionally told
Beauty, talent, intelligence, pedigree, wealth–
All strokes of luck with no proof of pluck
Tell me I am worthy because of that
And you stroke my ego while raising suspicion of my uselessness.

Turn back the clock
Give me a mountain
And praise my determination
Challenge me to altitudes
And praise me for my fortitude
Tell me I can have it all
If only I would work hard
And get up when I fall
Tell me I would walk tall
Only if I survive the lowest ebbs.

Turn back the clock
And never again harp on the skin deep.

I would rather you spin a story
Of courage, strength, kindness
And other womanly virtues I can work on… and be proud that I finally stand out on a level playing field.

Empty surface beauty is a curse.