Virgin Coconut Oil Body Lotion 

It’s circa 2.30 am now my side of the world, and I just made my first batch of natural body lotion. Since I was having insomnia again I decided I might as well do something – so I went to the kitchen and took out the half cup of organic virgin coconut oil that I had put in the refrigerator earlier, and started whisking away using my hand mixer. Apparently that was one way to make natural body lotion with just one ingredient – the coconut oil – so I had to try it out. 

It was quite a bit of work because of the solid state of the oil after refrigeration, but after some huffing and puffing I ended up with two mini jars of rich, luxurious, fragrant creamy coconut paste.  I think it qualifies more as body butter than lotion, considering its thickness. No thanks to the tropical climate in my country, though, the result of my hard work soon started showing signs of melting, returning to its original liquid form. Virgin coconut oil melts at temperatures over 24 degrees Celcius, and the average room temperature in Penang is 30 degrees. 

So I placed the two jars in my refrigerator, and will find out later in the morning what whipped coconut oil looks like in a solid form. Nevertheless, I hope it works as a rich luxuriant body butter as I am eager to replace my existing conventional body lotion from the Body Shop, which contains paraben among other synthetic chemicals. 


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