Calling Readers in the US…and anywhere, for that matter…

TFKwho are into making a difference, big or small – into the lives of more than 200,000 children across the country through free NYRR youth running programs, events, and resources.

I am helping New York Road Runners raise funds for the health programs they run for underserved kids. Would you be so kind and make a donation to my campaign to support the youth?

ANY amount is greatly appreciated, but just to give you an idea of what your giving means:

$26.20 – Gives one of our Mighty Milers an entire year of running
$50 – Purchases a pair of new running sneakers for a kid
$250 – Gifts 25 kids a cross country race experience

It takes only a few minutes to make your contribution! You may do so here. Thank you for your kind consideration!

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