My Running Journal: Five Belated Entries in One Post…Oops

3_TCSNYCM_Instagram_Team-for-Kids-Member-Fundraising_2_for WP WidgetWhile I have not blogged much since the beginning of this year, I have faithfully kept up with my training, though my farthest run has yet to progress beyond 10 km.

Here are the five belated entries into my running journal…

Saturday, 17th of January 2015

10 km in 57 minutes and 55 seconds.

Wednesday, 21st of January 2015

5 km in 29 minutes and 51 seconds – a quick run at the gym before going to work.

Sunday, 25th of January 2015

7.1 km in 41 minutes and 22 seconds. I was just too lazy to run 10 km.

Wednesday, 28th of January 2015

5 km in 29 minutes and 48 seconds – another quick run  at the gym before heading for work.

Today, Sunday, 31st of January 2015

My fastest 10k run ever – at a pace of 5’28″/km, completing the whole thing in under 55 minutes. Motivating factor? The appointment I had to meet my friend in town at 1 pm! (I started running at 10.55 am).  It was also my first run in my brand new Zaggora capri tights – and at the end of the workout my lower body was completely drenched in sweat. It felt great and I wouldn’t mind losing a couple of inches from my thighs and hips!


This is an entry into the running journal I have created to chronicle my experiences as I train and prepare to run the TCS New York City Marathon 2015 and fund raise for Team for Kids, an international running group that is committed to supporting health and fitness programs for underprivileged children in the US and Africa. Read my introduction entry where I share how this journey started, and if you would like to donate to the cause, simply go to my secure fundraising page here!

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