Healing in Heels

For a woman, healing sometimes comes in the form of a pair of high heels. Killer heels that lift her up, not just literally, but emotionally. If it is true, that is, that our posture can affect how we feel.

So to the ladies out there, when life throws us a curveball as it always does, consider buying a new pair of heels. They don’t have to cost a bomb, because the healing power of a slinky pair of new shoes is not found only in Blahniks, Choos, and Louboutins. I find it therapeutic just buying a pair of 15-dollar high heels on sale as long as I like the way they look on my feet. They don’t have to last long, if the reason for buying them in the first place was for therapy and not so much utility.

What can I say? I love my shoes. I am no aspiring Imelda Marcos, but like most women, I am wired to take delight in shoes.

Life is short, buy those heels!

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18 thoughts on “Healing in Heels

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  2. I am happy for you but they are so not for me. I love soft canvas sneakers. I can feel the shape of the earth beneath my feet and sneak up on birds and other critters well enough to sometimes get a great photo. I have tried wearing heels but they hurt so much I couldn’t believe it. I really think a bone was slowly being broken. When I see women in heels I kind of marvel.


    • Haha I know what you mean! I’ve had some really uncomfortable high heels, so these days I prefer buying more comfortable ones with padded soles 🙂 And I love soft canvas sneakers too! They are often part of my casual Friday look 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  3. I’m the rare woman with no passion for shoes. I like mine sturdy and flat, and with traction. Bonus points if they happen to be blue!

    So our shoe budget goes to our ten year old, who has been in lustful relation to footwear since before she could walk! She owns more shoes than the rest of the family put together!

    I have an awesome picture of her at age 4, sliding down a firepole at a children’s museum in a pair of women’s pumps with a 3 inch spike heel….and doing it with style!


    • Your daughter sounds adorable! (And stylish too, of course 😉 ) And you sound like a real good sport of a mom, empathizing with her though you do not quite share the same passion. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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