Bring It On!

The third day of 2015 has just dawned. The new year is young, and full of promise. Never mind the tragedies that marked the closing of its predecessor, the only way is to look forward and move on, for the time we have been given does not replenish itself.

My hope is alive, and my expectations are high. That this year will be better than the one before. Why? Because it will build on the foundation I have consciously worked on, and while the endeavour does not stop there will be fruit from last year’s effort to ease the journey ahead.

The sense of newness is palpable. I can imagine getting a new phone, and it will not be just getting a new phone because it brings along the smell of yet another fresh start, at another level. I can walk into my hairstylist’s and request a new colour or cut, and the difference I will see in the mirror is the catalyst for a newer perspective, an innovation of sorts.

I can clear my wardrobe, and gladly throw away items that have become too familiar, too old, too uninspiring. I look at the empty space the discarded old leaves behind, and my heart dances at the prospect of the new that will soon take the space.

I can hop into my car with the same passion and fire, but drive in a new direction with a new destination in mind.

My expectations are high– that there will be more strength, more love, more happiness, more giving, more listening, more acceptance. Less doubt, less judgment, less fear. Because all these are possible with a stronger heart.

Change is exciting, increase is exhilarating, embracing possibilities keeps the faith up because closed doors begin to become part and parcel of the journey, not the be all and end all.

At the cusp of 2015, my spirits are brimming. Bring it on!

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