Goodbye, 2014

This will probably be my last post for 2014, because tomorrow I will be going up to Penang Hill for dinner, wine, endless conversation, and countdown to 2015 with two of my bosom buddies of (gasp) close to 20 years. It’s amazing how two decades have passed and we can still talk the way we did, and look the way we did when we first met.

So my annual reflection has to be done tonight. 2014 has been pretty stellar considering the mixed bag of challenges, discoveries, and victories it is. I can in all honesty say I have done my best with those 364 days, and since tomorrow will also be well spent, I guess I will have done justice to 2014 the best way I knew how.

Thank you, 2014, you’ve been stellar, and the foundation set should be enough for 2015 to be a thriving year. Since I wrote a post on the ten personal victories achieved in 2014, it is only befitting that I make a list of victories to aspire towards for 2015:

1. Conquering the New York City Marathon on the 1st of November 2015–by which I mean completing the entire 42 km in 4.5 hours or less. I will be training diligently for this one, for sure!

2. Pushing my boundaries professionally to see all my projects through, and to see their results with my very own eyes–even if this means working harder than I am used to, and working in ways I never thought I would, with people I never imagined I would work with, maybe even in places that never even crossed my mind.

3. Getting out of my shell personally, and being less reserved in reaching out to people and letting them know I care.

4. Spending more time outside–in natural surroundings, an interesting cafe, the golf course, or by the beach. This will take some effort because I love being indoors and love my apartment and my study. But every time I overcome the inertia to get myself outside I get rewarded with wonderfully heightened clarity and energy.

5. Improving my command of the Thai and German languages to the extent of being able to carry out a simple conversation with a native. Currently I am only capable of basic monologues.

6. Rekindling my prayer life and time spent reading God’s word. I have become somewhat of a complacent Christian recently, and my senses have been a bit dulled as to what the Holy Spirit may want to reveal to me, and the little epiphanies pointing to the interesting things God is orchestrating in my life! The Bible I bought in early 2014 looks brand new, a sign that I have not been reading it enough.

7. Writing better — the 200-plus posts on this blog I have managed to write have been a result of not being too attached to perfectionism, but at the same time I know I can’t let my writing deteriorate too much either. It’s time to go back to the basics of good writing — grammar, style, clarity, accuracy, showing not telling, imagery, appropriate use of vocabulary, and what not.

So there goes, my goals for 2015. Things that I articulate and write down tend to materialize, and since this is the first time I am making my list public, I guess the law of attraction should work even more strongly to make sure I accomplish all these seven things!

Here’s to 2015 — happy new year, everyone.

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