Excuses Galore!

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

We all know the common excuses people make for not sticking to their exercise plan. Why not turn the tables around and take a look at the excuses we can make to actually exercise? Here’s the list, flowing out of my stream of consciousness:

1. The TV is not having anything interesting on anyway
2. My high-school anniversary is coming
3. There are a few good songs on the iPod to make the workout fun
4. The skinny jeans may stop threatening to burst at the seams if I do this three times a week for three months
5. Think long term! Exercise is an important but not urgent task, to use the four quadrants of time management by Stephen Covey
6. Happy people exercise regularly
7. I can go running while waiting for my laundry
8. I can learn a foreign language on my iPod while running
9. The sleepiness and lethargy will disappear the moment the momentum picks up and I get into the groove
10. Dinner tastes better after an exercise

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12 thoughts on “Excuses Galore!

  1. Great idea; love this list! Another one that has worked for me is quickly putting on my gym clothes even when part of me has been leaning towards not working out or going for my walk or dance class, etc. Then, it feels silly not going if I’m dressed specifically for it — another excuse gone! Enjoyed your post. 🙂


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