My Running Journal: Pounding the Grounds of Vivanta by Taj, Rebak Island

3_TCSNYCM_Instagram_Team-for-Kids-Member-Fundraising_2_for WP Widget23rd of November 2014, Sunday
This morning’s weather was again sunny and gorgeous, and having been more accustomed to this resort I had a more 20141123-163212.jpgproper training. I covered some of the hiking trail (without going anywhere near the jungle) and ran to the marina, shipyard and then back, and then covered the part on the left of my unit. 20141123-122709.jpgI did the walk and run routine since running on real grounds outdoors was quite a different ball game from pounding the treadmill. My legs felt heavier and I got breathless faster. It could be the stunning sceneries around me, but I am not 20141123-122833.jpgsure. But according to the Nike running app I did 1.75 miles (around 2.8 km) in less than 22 minutes — not too bad for me. But I also felt the strain on my thighs after the run, perhaps this was because of parts of the track that were slightly uphill.

As usual, it was shower and then heading to the cafe for the buffet breakfast. I won’t bore you with food pictures again, but it was still a wonderful breakfast.

Next time I will have a more serious training yet by carbo loading before my run, and I will see what difference that makes to my stamina.

It’s time to check out soon and say goodbye to the lovely Vivanta by Taj Rebak Island Resort and Spa.


This is an entry into the running journal I have created to chronicle my experiences as I train and prepare to run the TCS New York City Marathon 2015 and fund raise for Team for Kids, an international running group that is committed to supporting health and fitness programs for underprivileged children in the US and Africa. Read my introduction entry where I share how this journey started, and if you would like to donate to the cause, simply go to my secure fundraising page here!

Guilt, What Guilt?

Money, you earn
Calories, you burn
Pleasures, you dig
Yet of them you are no addict
Perfection, you ditch
You don’t always have to ‘get it’
Fries over broccoli
Britney Spears over Vivaldi
Late night burger in front of the tele
Won’t turn your world upside down
As long as your feet
Are still on the ground.

Das Ist Interessant!

Interessant– this is German for interesting.

It’s amazing how time flies and looking back at the year that is 2014, one of the new things I have embarked on is to learn two foreign languages: Thai and German. Thai, because I have some Thai heritage biologically, and German, because I work quite a lot with German bosses and colleagues, it makes sense to start learning this language. And also, the very first classical piano piece I learnt was written by a German composer, Minuet in G by Mozart. I remember being told that he wrote that at the age of five. A genius, indeed.

So, ich lerne gerne Deutsch. I enjoy learning German. But this is one tricky language to master, with so many grammatical rules, different types of sentences, the intricate spelling, the nuances. Phew! And I had the audacity to slot in a few German sentences (ok, I think three to be exact) when hosting the technical forum at my company.

Ich bin Alexis. (I am Alexis.)
Guten Tag (Good day)
Wilkommen im Penang (Welcome to Penang.)
Das ist sehr gut! (This is very good!)
Einen schonen Tag noch! (Have a nice day!)
Aber man gewohnt sich daran.. (But you get used to it…)

Looks like my repertoire begs to be improved. Learning German at my own pace using Babbel has been fun and quite effective in helping me to get some basics, but I think it’s time to up the ante…get some grammar books maybe since it’s the structure I struggle a lot with.

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