Ingredients for Blogging Consistency

While I can’t say I have had any periods during which I posted daily on my blog, I have done so consistently since I began this blog in May. As someone whose attention span can be rather short and who can get curious and interested in so many ventures at one time, I am quite pleased that I have successfully kept up the consistency of my posts.

And here’s the list of factors I think helped me achieve that:

1. The absence of the need to be ‘perfect’
So no more over analyzing and worrying about grammar and if what I write may sound silly. If there’s an idea and it somewhat makes sense, I write and click Publish. “Done is better than perfect.”

2. A sense of accountability
This is what makes WordPress wonderful– its community. When your blog following grows and you have people interacting with you don’t you feel motivated to keep the virtual ink flowing? The interaction somehow makes me feel accountable, in a good way.

3. Tangible, timely results– thanks to WordPress statistics
This is why coaches and experts advise setting milestones and celebrating each one on the long road to the big end goal. This is also why at competitions scores are published during the contest and not just at the end. And this is something WordPress got down pat! Letting me see the number of views I am getting each day actually gives me the satisfaction because it is a result of my effort that I can see. For many of us bloggers, our end goal may be to publish a book eventually. But along the way, tangible milestones–views, comments, likes — I believe, are like cheerleaders and reminders that keep us going.

What about you? What are the things that you think motivate you to keep posting?

7 thoughts on “Ingredients for Blogging Consistency

  1. That is so true. It is the comments, the likes that keep me going to. There are posts that I feel are never unto my standards, but instead of trying to make it perfect, I hit the publish button and let it go. The post makes me feel better about doing that and makes me want to write more.


  2. I like this post. thank you. One thing I like about blogging is that I have an audience. Family and friends don’t particularly care about what I have to say. Sometimes it’s the stranger that you can bare your soul to easier. So this is a way of finding people who give a shit about my random thoughts and find me more interesting than the quiet bump on a log that I tend to be in real life.


    • You’re welcome and thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ Yes, it’s sad but true that sometimes we tend to take the people closest to use for granted, whereas with strangers there is more objectivity, and less judgment. Oh well.


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