My Running Journal: Nature’s Track and Runner’s Binge

3_TCSNYCM_Instagram_Team-for-Kids-Member-Fundraising_2_for WP Widget22nd of November 2014, SaturdaySo this was my training ground on this sunny morning at Rebak Island, a small island off Langkawi Island, a popular tourist spot in the north of Peninsula Malaysia. 20141122-102936.jpgKudos to me for getting up early for a 7.50 am run on a Saturday! But then again, with such gorgeous surroundings, it would have been a crime to sleep in — even on a weekend.

20141122-103159.jpgI decided it was a good time for an outdoor run because I have only run in the gym since I started training for the marathon. But I must admit that today I ran only for twenty minutes, and I am not sure how far because I wasn’t using any app to track my distance. I also brisk walked in between and stopped a few times to snap photos and to decide where to turn since I was not familiar with the grounds of this resort cum marina.

20141122-103328.jpgBy 8.30 am I had already showered and was well on my way to the cafe for my breakfast. It’s 10.30 am now and I have just finished eating. It’s lovely how running enhances my appetite.


This is an entry into the running journal I have created to chronicle my experiences as I train and prepare to run the TCS New York City Marathon 2015 and fund raise for Team for Kids, an international running group that is committed to supporting health and fitness programs for underprivileged children in the US and Africa. Read my introduction entry where I share how this journey started, and if you would like to donate to the cause, simply go to my secure fundraising page here!

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