Das Ist Interessant!

Interessant– this is German for interesting.

It’s amazing how time flies and looking back at the year that is 2014, one of the new things I have embarked on is to learn two foreign languages: Thai and German. Thai, because I have some Thai heritage biologically, and German, because I work quite a lot with German bosses and colleagues, it makes sense to start learning this language. And also, the very first classical piano piece I learnt was written by a German composer, Minuet in G by Mozart. I remember being told that he wrote that at the age of five. A genius, indeed.

So, ich lerne gerne Deutsch. I enjoy learning German. But this is one tricky language to master, with so many grammatical rules, different types of sentences, the intricate spelling, the nuances. Phew! And I had the audacity to slot in a few German sentences (ok, I think three to be exact) when hosting the technical forum at my company.

Ich bin Alexis. (I am Alexis.)
Guten Tag (Good day)
Wilkommen im Penang (Welcome to Penang.)
Das ist sehr gut! (This is very good!)
Einen schonen Tag noch! (Have a nice day!)
Aber man gewohnt sich daran.. (But you get used to it…)

Looks like my repertoire begs to be improved. Learning German at my own pace using Babbel has been fun and quite effective in helping me to get some basics, but I think it’s time to up the ante…get some grammar books maybe since it’s the structure I struggle a lot with.

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14 thoughts on “Das Ist Interessant!

  1. Wow, you must be very good with languages! I would love to learn a little German, but for now I think I’ll keep working on the French πŸ™‚ German seems sooooooo hard! (Not that French is easy, but somehow I’ve gotten this far…!)

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