Sounds of My Life

If my life were a movie, it would have an eclectic soundtrack.

1. Classical piano music, Mozart sonatas especially – for the scenes from those early years. Endless music classes and practicing for examinations and performances. I know many Asians would identify. But one thing that set me apart from my friends in this respect is that I asked to be sent for piano lessons instead of having them forced on me, which was the common case with my friends.

2. A brief medley of boyband music – for those awkward teenage years. I outgrew those pretty fast.

3. Christian music, rock, Thai pop and rock music, jazz, Taiwanese rock, Malaysian and Indonesian — these seem to be my all-time favourites.

But I do wonder, once I get into my later years — when I get to my seventies, would I still be listening to what I listen a lot to now? I have a penchant for fast rock songs especially when I run or work… will seventy year old me still find these appealing?

4. Sounds of nature — the fading sizzle of lapping waves, chirping of birds during the day and crickets at night, or the sound of nothingness. The soundtrack for the introvert.

6 thoughts on “Sounds of My Life

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  2. You may just surprise yourself. I find that at the age of 57 my taste in music is actually speeding up somewhat…maybe a subconscious attempt to aid the heart in the continuance of it’s life-sustaining rhythms. Lol.


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