Sparkling in Stillness

I sparkle in stillness. That’s me, the introvert. At the time of writing I am getting ready for my solo retreat to a little island.

Among the things I am bringing are a few Snickers bars, my running gear, bikini, and a book. It’s going to be a hideaway, at a privately owned island with pretty much nothing else save for a resort and a marina. I am expecting the beach resort alone to be enough for me.

Some people find it hard to understand the enjoyment of just lounging around with no company other than myself. How do I explain the sheer pleasure of just enjoying the beauty of my surroundings, taking in the sea breeze, tucking into breakfast after a morning run, and then maybe falling asleep in a cabana with an open book lying facedown on my chest? There’s no agenda to follow, no other people’s preferences to worry about, no tiring myself out rushing from one place to another. It’s just me, nature, and my faculties. Aren’t these enough to keep one occupied and happy?

I do love people and their company. But I also love my own company. And I am quite a bubbly person…it’s just that I can also be bubbly when going around doing things on my own. 😀

And on second thought, diamonds sparkle when they are still, too! Here’s raising my glass to my fellow introverts.

4 thoughts on “Sparkling in Stillness

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