Handmade Gifts Come from the Heart

I had trouble recalling the gifts I received that were not store bought, till I started to look around my study. The origami rose I got from my friend for this year’s birthday lies on my open book shelf, idle before two mini Barbie dolls that are leaning against the wall. That’s one! I also received a self-made birthday card from a colleague. Well she used her computer to type the words and printed it out on a piece of paper which she folded in four – so that counts. I also have a lovely pink flowery handsewn pouch given by another friend who has a very talented mom. The pouch was made by her mom, and all of us who went to her housewarming party last year got one each. It’s sitting on my desk right next to me as I type this, and so is the pom-pom hairclip I received from the students of the school that my company sponsored for the Young Enterprise program. It’s a program where high school students tried their hand at entrepreneurship, selling items they manufactured on their own from scratch. The hairclip, among a few other things, were given to me and my colleagues who acted as their advisors as a ‘thank you’ gesture.

I also received a poem when I was in university, eloquently written, printed on sugar paper, and sneaked into my note book during a lecture when I wasn’t looking. I did not quite know how to respond then, but looking back, it did make me feel pretty special.

So which one is the best? These very special things came from very special people, so that alone, I think, renders comparison irrelevant.







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