Month-Long Thai Language Course…by the Sea

I am no Martin Luther King, but oh boy do I have a dream!

In fact I have many dreams but my current obsession is the dream of going off to an exotic island in Thailand for at least a month to learn the Thai language. Just imagine attending a language school by the sea with fellow learners from all over the world while making a rustic resort my home for one whole month! I get the whole studio unit to myself for one month–the beach is at my doorstep and I have my own hammock! And speak, eat, and breathe Thai! Senook mak!! (A lot of fun!!)

So now the question is how to make that happen. I have enquired the dates and fees with the school, and I have even booked the studio for 28 nights, checked out the flights and found out how to get to the gorgeous Ko Lanta by plane and ferry. The only thing now is to figure out how to take that long a leave from work–in an Asian country where month-long sabbaticals are hardly the norm. Ahhhh. And I am a one-woman show in charge of internal communications at my workplace…so getting away this long I can imagine may not be that practical…

But where there’s a will, there is a way. Somehow. Thanks to the Internet I can probably assure my boss that though I am learning an exotic language on an exotic island, all it takes is just a text, or phone call, or an email and I will still be able to switch back to business mode and churn out slides and articles on stuff like employee engagement, the latest business direction, and industry updates–in perfect corporate lingo. And who knows, writing from an island, surrounded by all things Thai — I can even make a management directive moving and hypnotic.

Wish me luck.

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