At Home in Hotels

Hotels are cool, especially good ones. Luxurious ones. There’s just something relaxing about checking into a hotel and then plonking my heavy self on the bed, even when my travel is work related. And if it’s a luxurious hotel, the relaxing part rises another notch to become pampering.

On this note, therefore, I should really make it a point to write and rave about all the hotels I have been happy staying at. This blog is about 5 months old and it’s interesting that my hotel-related posts have been among the most read. And who knows, one day in the not-too-distant future I might run my own little boutique hotel?

I enjoy staying in hotels once in a while because it’s just relaxing to have my space organized for me, with little touches that I may not have thought of myself. I am not an architect or interior designer, but it is interesting and even inspiring sometimes to look at how a hotel room is laid out and decorated. I have brought some ideas home, such as having four pillows, two on each side of the bed–makes reading in bed so much easier! And I love buffet breakfasts, thanks to my hearty appetite. Breakfast is my favourite part of the day, so having a wide range of things to eat to my heart’s content is definitely an awesome way to start my day!

And anyone who writes would identify with how getting away from our familiar zones can help get the inspiration flowing…and what better place to run away to than a comfortable, romantic home away from home? Be it a rustic chalet by the sea in the tropics, or a gilded five star establishment right smack in the middle of a concrete jungle.

I can’t wait for my upcoming island getaways!

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