Saturday Again…and What a Day!


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Among my favourite words starting with the letter ‘s’ is solitude, being the introvert that I am.

Last Saturday I was out and about so today I wanted to stay home and chill. But something unpredicted came about–grandma came down with a fever and lung infection yesterday so my dad and uncle rushed her to the hospital. At first her condition seemed serious and the hospital staff even told us to be prepared for the worst. She was hardly conscious but by the time my mom went to visit her in the late afternoon, she awoke and complained she was hungry. Hallelujah! I knew that was probably a good sign and true enough, this morning we received word from the hospital that she was well enough to be transferred from the high dependency unit to the normal ward.

So I had to forego solitude for today, going to the hospital to visit grandma in the morning and the evening, and hanging out with relatives who came down to visit her in between. It was a relief to see how grandma is bouncing back. I had been concerned that perhaps her maid’s abscondment affected her and triggered her health problem — she had been in hospital just a few months earlier.

My grandma is 83 years old and has been on insulin for the past few years, and had been having a host of health issues that require her to have a caregiver by her side, but she has remained her happy optimistic self. The first thing she said upon seeing me today was to remark how she almost couldn’t recognize me because of my new short hair cut. Then she commented that my necklace seemed a bit too thin. And when relating how she ended up in hospital this round she said, “Good thing I didn’t die this time!”

Earlier this evening she was happily joking away despite still having a slight fever. So that’s my grandma.

It’s close to 10 pm now so looks like I will have to postpone my solitude to tomorrow. But that doesn’t matter because I am just glad that grandma is ok now.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Again…and What a Day!

  1. Hey babes
    Glad to hear your grandma is doing better. Will keep her in prayers. Yes, solitude is good for the soul especially for an introvert who needs to recharge. Take care and talk soon. I am nursing the cough and flu while staying indoor.


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