Find Joy!


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This rainy Saturday I find myself up and about, so I am writing this while having a coffee break at a McDonald’s outlet, which I find quite noisy unfortunately.

Since this week’s prompt has to do with ‘find’, and I find myself struggling to concentrate in a noisy fast food outlet right smack in the middle of a noisy mall with a chatty companion, I will make this a list post. So here goes, the list of ten things I find joy and satisfaction in doing:

1. Trying something new
This morning I went to a large stationery shop and bought a mini easel, A2-sized drawing block, water colors, and brushes–I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life but I am going to play with colours anyway, for fun! I also plan to use this to brainstorm for work-related projects. Never know what… Oops and I got interrupted by a phone call. Never know what light bulb moments may occur when we try new approaches to our work!

2. Having coffee, cakes, and a good conversation
3. Reading a good book
4. Cooking up a sumptuous breakfast
5. Going for a holiday, a well-deserved getaway
6. Beating deadlines
7. Discovering good bargains online
8. Welcoming the weekend knowing I have had a productive week
9. Decorating my apartment–colour coordination and all
10. And of course, blogging on WordPress.

Alright, time to go and unpack all those groceries and cook dinner!

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3 thoughts on “Find Joy!

  1. I like your perspective on writing about the prompt find. Like you I find it hard to concentrate in noisy places. That’s why I do most of my blogging from my laundry room. I enjoyed reading this today, great blog. 😊


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