The Beauty of an Empty Hard Disk

I am writing this on an old yet ‘new’ laptop–thanks to dad who helped me get my 6-year-old (gasp it’s been 6 years since I bought this Compaq laptop as a freelance copywriter!) repaired. Turned out that the hard disk had crashed so he got it replaced with a new 500-GB Western Digital storage,  and my old data remains in the previous one, well beyond my access without professional help.

So this is rather symbolic. My life over the last six years has been quite a ride–ups and downs, so many changes along the way, walking and refining the path I  had discovered, looking forward all the way though there had been some station of regret I kept looking back at. But it’s all good, the past is over (and locked up in that konked out HDD), the present is teeming with life, and every time some zealous fellow Christian comes and talks to me about how they believe Jesus is coming back again soon and that we will all be taken up to Heaven with Him, my answer is still: “But I am still having fun here!”

There are thousands of songs in that old drive, countless photos, journal entries where I wrote down my thoughts, experiences, angst, and everything, articles I kept for “future” references, my portfolio as a freelance copywriter, one-page Word documents where I typed down random ideas for “future” action…and many more. When dad walked through the door and announced “your old data could not be backed up because the hard disk has crashed”, I was slightly aghast but when I found out that I still had the option of getting everything retrieved by the experts the first thought I had was, “Well I may not need to do that after all.”

So tonight I start anew with an empty hard disk–I guess spring cleaning always feels good–without the weight of accumulated information. The old hard disk is sitting on my desk, looking kind of antiquated.

Like the past. It will be there for retrieval if I need to consult any wisdom of old, but for now, it is not going to slow down my ‘new’ and fast laptop.



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