Health on the Table

20140823-095412.jpgOn the table is one of the most colorful breakfasts I have ever made for myself. More importantly, the colours and vibrancy signify the joy that we must all know and have when blessed with such abundance- especially the abundance of health.

You see for the past one month I have been under the weather. Though gradual recovery was taking place the whole time it was challenging to be somewhat incapacitated, with normal activities like going to the gym and whipping up a simple meal, not to mention staying on top of things at work becoming a tiring struggle. So I’ve had to slow down and make a conscious effort to not think of things beyond my control while operating at 50 percent of my usual capacity, and just tell myself I had to rest and get well. After all the doctor said it was a viral infection that would go off as long as I rested and took care of myself.

So finally, here I am, back in the pink of health again. My appetite is back! Which explains the size of my breakfast. My muscles are also aching from the gym workout two days ago- the gratifying sort of pain I haven’t experienced in a while!

So here’s raising my colourful mug of local coffee with fresh milk to health, before I click Publish and return to my plate to finish off the last piece of bacon, kiwi fruit, flour-free toast with cheese, and the Sarawakian layer cake. Here’s to good health and may we make the best of what we have.


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23 thoughts on “Health on the Table

  1. Looks great! I’m glad you’re feeling better and enjoying eating again. And you’re so right about a colorful, vibrant diet — it’s good to celebrate our blessings, plus a “rainbow diet” is very importance for us nutritionally. Enjoyed this post!


  2. Awe you are attempting to care for yourself and help yourself. That’s sweet. Helping yourself is like helping a lover or a dear friend.


  3. I am glad you are feeling better and may I please, please, please join you in your breakfast ;-). It looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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