Where have you been dear one?

Love is free… To mature, grow its roots, and blossom when time and space are right 🙂 A beautifully written poem by Oliana.

Traces of the Soul

Where have you been dear one?
I have missed you so much
thought you had left me and gone
but no, here you are once again
making my heart pitter patter
feeling my soul flutter
especially when you grin,
as if I’d committed
some outrageous sin
and you praise my bravery
my shocking behaviour
and I feel like none other
but your only true love.
Where have you been dear one?
how long will you stay…this time
before you flee and are up and gone
once again?



lovers reunite
do not cling, nor make promises
love is simply free

(c) Oliana ’14-08-08

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