Five Things that Made Me Smile Today

I have barely recovered from the chronic cough and cold I caught while in New Zealand, so resuming work today and having these things make me smile definitely made my day much more bearable:

1. Seeing my colleagues again and catching up with them amidst the cough puncturing my sentences
2. Hearing some good news about a program I initiated not long ago with another colleague
3. Listening to Malaysian jazz queen, Sheila Majid on the way to work
4. Getting random messages from a guy I recently met wishing me speedy recovery and lovely weekend and all that jazz. Men can be very sweet – when they want to 🙂 ha!
5. The long weekend ahead thanks to the Eid Mubarak celebration

What about you – what made you smile today?

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20 thoughts on “Five Things that Made Me Smile Today

  1. Seeing the last pile of laundry go into the washing machine put a smile on my face.
    Hearing my cat purr when I got up this morning always is a good a thing.
    Still plenty of chances to smile today as well.


  2. Nice list! Hope your cold and cough resolve fully very soon! As for what made me smile today, I would say it was my cat sitting next to me as I was writing earlier. To amuse her, I took a break and showed her a YouTube video of a fishtank that she loves to watch. She looks adorable as she watches the fish in fascination!


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