Embracing Contentment…For Once

Contentment is like a magnifying glass that spots only the good in people and situations. It is so powerful that it causes a ripple effect of happiness and sets the stage for pleasant surprises because when you are content, you don’t go around expecting too much. Rather, contented people are able to freely give and freely receive.

But is contentment really about not complaining about having no shoes till we see someone without legs? Such a comparison renders our contentment subject to other people’s misery, and it can also promote discontent when applied against another person’s better fortune. So let contentment be a sovereign state in which our heart dwells, let it be subject only to our free decision to be contented or discontented. Let contentment be a seed that we choose to sow – and from that seed, will come the fruits of joy, thankfulness, and freedom.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Contentment…For Once

  1. We’ve got to stop basing our happiness against the fortunes of others and just be happy with the contentment we have. Great post.


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