Never Wait for Perfect Conditions – The Poem

Do you really
Have to do all the dishes
Before showering
Your children with kisses?

Do you really
Have to zap all that flab
And let the sun, sea and beach wait
As they call out to you
For a time so fab?

Do you really
Have to wait till you’re ‘rich’
In order to see
The world
So within reach?

Do you really
Have to silence the Critic
Appease the Pessimist
Pacify the Fearful
Before you do
The thing
Your heart says to do?

Ducks in a row?
No, they swim
Waddle all over
All bases covered?
No, pray, who can tell
When the winds of change
Decide to blow?

Do you really
Believe that come
That One Day
You will be ready?

To tell the world what you need
And have it bowing at your feet?
(I think it will laugh, before anything!)
To lay a claim on your dreams
And have it as easy as cream?
(What’s the taste of discouragement – bitter or sour?)
To step out of the boat
And know you will float?
(Better to find out, how to swim!)

No ducks
Will stay in a row
No bases
Will be shrouded
Ever in safety

Perfect conditions
Exist, I suspect
Only in Heaven
So I’d better
Not wait for that ‘moment’
Better to live
In ‘the’ moment
For everything else
There is Providence.

4 thoughts on “Never Wait for Perfect Conditions – The Poem

    • Thanks!! I can’t agree more with what you said. Happiness and fulfillment can only be found in the now. This poem was inspired at a time where my pace was quite frantic because I decided not to postpone pursuing some stuff I deemed important. I wrote it sitting on the floor with a pile of dirty laundry staring at me haha. It was like a self affirmation, so I am glad there’s something in it for you too 🙂


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