The June Post: Life is short, so make it sweet

I woke up to a beautiful morning here in Penang, Malaysia – sunshine streaming through my window, birds chirping and water running in the fish pond – and realized, hey it’s already June!

I did a quick mental review of my 2014 thus far and noted that some of the things I wrote down in my prayer journal on New Year’s Eve are already coming true. Some have come true.

I’ve always believed there is power in writing things down. Clarity is so important – I am not an expert on how the mind works but I think when we make some things clear and specific to ourselves an imprint is made on our subconscious that will somehow steer us towards the right decisions and away from the wrong ones. Maybe that’s how we our instincts come about.

My guiding mantra for this year which I am so conscious of and take so seriously, is that I am where I am today because of the choices I made in the past. Some choices I applaud myself for and some I regret – so the biggest motivation and drive this year is to be mindful that what I do today will lead to where I will be tomorrow. This would be the advice I tell my younger self too if I could travel back in time.

So clarity and making conscious choices have made out pretty well for me so far. I decided to cut out people and habits that were toxic to me and made no apologies for that.

I feel purposeful, and there’s always this sense of urgency that comes from the gratitude of knowing that each day brings with it the opportunity to make the right choices to get to where I want to be. This way I am fully engaged in the present, even as I take steps that will lead to the future I want.

Carpe diem! Life is short so we’d better make it sweet.

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