Reminiscence: My very first solo holiday

20140516-004148.jpgOn an insomniac night like this, the mobile WordPress app really comes in handy. No hassle turning on the laptop and waiting for it to boot whatsoever.

Perhaps it is rather apt that six hours before my next vacation I reminisce about one special mini getaway I made last year. It was special because it was my first holiday alone, albeit a local one to the nearby Langkawi Island.

20140516-003419.jpgEverything – from the cosy resort, to exploring nearby shops and dining alone, drinking wine in the hotel room, going for a run and workout before the sumptuous buffet breakfast and falling asleep in the gazebo after, lulled by the sound of lapping waves that were just right before my eyes – was just what I had looked forward to having. Oh yes, and the massage, too. And the embarrassment of mistaking a fellow hotel guest for a waiter just because I saw him carrying two laden plates so effortlessly…and the amusement of being chatted up by a young chap in his early twenties.

20140516-004100.jpgI also did a fair bit of thinking and reflection, praying and seeking God for yet another life changing revelation… And it felt like He reminded me, assurely as the waves would come and go, so would challenges bring the ups and downs. But turn your attention away from the challenge itself, and pay attention to the fresh supply of My grace that will ensure you rise above – seemed to be takeaway from my maiden solo getaway.

I love such paradigm shifts – when obvious yet seemingly counterintuitive truths evolve from mere logic into liberating, heart-level revelations – so this was not just my first solo getaway, but the first of many more to come.

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